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   Professional in-person sales calls every week to your customers

How do we do this?  

At Prime Devices, we work hard every day to uncover new customers and opportunities while building and maintaining relationships with existing customers. ​Together, our team strives toward its goal of growth for our principals and our market.

We have continued to expand our market share with each of our principals through both existing and new customers. 

  • Deploy highly-experienced outside salespeople who devote their time exclusively to making high-quality, in-person, sales calls.
  • Create and execute targeted, aggressive sales plans that produce results for our principals
  • Utilize our customer relationships and solid understanding of a customer's unique challenges and specific needs to inspire and discover new opportunities:
    1. Raising brand awareness within potential customers 
    2. Creating brand preference through existing customers
    3. Securing brand commitment and building loyalty through strong performance and excellent support on past opportunities
  • Use our diverse product line to discover new opportunities: making sure every sales call has the potential to sell for all our principals
  • Problem solving, feature/benefit sales practices that anticipate the needs of the customer and focus on your product’s value

Founded in 1984, Prime Devices has been contributing to the growth of the electrical industry.


Prime Devices invested in developing innovative automated call report recording practices, so that our sales team can concentrate more time on selling.


Our devoted outside sales force has the capability of making high-quality, results-driven, in-person sales calls to your customers each week.

Customer requests are channeled through our inside support office, keeping our outside sales reps on the road, gearing up for their next visit. Our courteous and professional inside sales team is committed to the highest level of service to every customer.


Through continuous research, feedback, and well-versed knowledge of the competition, we give our principals leverage against their competitors.


There is a reason why we have relationships that last decades - customers appreciate the continuous, quality-focused customer support we have continued to provide year after year. ​ 

Since our founding, Prime Devices has worked to build, earn, and maintain the trust of our customers.

Our efforts have  resulted in a reputation that allows us to secure appointments anywhere from the shop floor to the executive suite, benefiting our principals' pursuits of new opportunities.

In short, our days are spent pursuing new opportunities and providing the highest caliber of support to your customers.

For more information, please call President Eric Anderson (847)668-3337 to learn more about how we can help support your business.


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